Known Name: NahidRains, Nahid Helal, MD Mohiuddin Helal Nahid

NahidRains FB Page

NahidRains was born in a humble & very respected Bangladeshi originated family in March 24, 1985. He attended University of Southern Queensland, Australia in 2004 for his civil engineering degree and later in 2007 he attended Central Queensland University in Australia for his Film and Multimedia degree. He is known to be the very first Bangladeshi YouTuber when he opened his first YouTube channel called “NahidRains” in 2006 and stopped being a full-time YouTuber in 2010 to concentrate more on his commercial video productions and his organization NahidRains Pictures. NahidRains’s father along with his 2 Uncles were Freedom Fighters during 1971 war of Bangladesh listed in Indian Army website. Currently NahidRains residing in both overseas and Bangladesh.

Family Life

NahidRains ia happily married with Nahid Shafa, yes, they both have the same name. Nahid Shafa is also a creator and fashion model runs & produces creative videos on Facebook & YouTube.

Education & Degrees

  1. Bachelor of Civil Engineering – 2007 | University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia
  2. Bachelor of Multimedia Studies – 2009 | Central Queensland University, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Professional Background

NahidRains worked as professional around the world for many companies. He worked as an Executive at General Electric, Australia for over 2 years. He worked at AAPT, Australia for 6 months and worked at Stefan Corporations, Australia for 2 more years. At the same time he was slowly building his own company NahidRains Pictures. He also worked briefly as a Designer for SSI Group, Australia for a 9 months contract. Apart from these corporates, NahidRains has been mostly a freelance independent film maker and an international business consultant.

Currently NahidRains runs NahidRains Pictures in Bangladesh, Singapore & Dubai and also a stake holder in two IT companies in Dubai, UAE & Bangladesh.

Non-profit Activities

Nahid founded the immensely famous non-profit organization “Bangladeshism” in 2013 to inspire patriotism in Bangladesh and also to talk about various social problems and concerns in Bangladesh. in 2011, He started visiting his home country Bangladesh very often and then he found a huge potential about Bangladesh and in the people of Bangladesh. He was enlightened by the very big and potentially moderate minded populations of Bangladesh and believed that he could make a difference if he could seed inspiration inside the heart of the people. As a result, he founded Bangladeshism project and started showing the world the very positive sides of the country (Bangladesh) and showcasing her excellency in a very visually attractive way for which he was applauded by the millions of people of Bangladesh.

In 2022, NahidRains launched – an open blogging platform in Bangladesh to establish freedom of speech in the political arena of Bangladesh.

End of Bangladeshism Project

In 2018, NahidRains ended his project Bangladeshism and shut down its organizational activities and office in Bangladesh. He felt there was no need to run this project any further because he and his team ended up showing off Bangladesh in almost all sort of positive way and thus, inspired millions of people specially the young generation to be more patriotic. Famous Taiwanese Television SBS has aired a Documentary on NahidRains and in that documentary NahidRains said “I started visiting Bangladesh very often after 2012 and I felt this country has very high potential but because of many reasons, inspiration was missing from the people to try heart and soul. There was patriotism inside people’s heart but there a big lack of enthusiasm to express that love for their country. So I thought, why not I try to inspire the Patriotism inside the heart of the people of Bangladesh and so I started the project called “Bangladeshism” to show-case the good side of Bangladesh.

Pioneering Film & Photography studies in Chittagong, Bangladesh

In 2013, he also established his Head Quarter of his film production company “NahidRains Pictures” in Chittagong, Bangladesh and started operating the company from Chittagong to inspire more youngsters to invest in the port city of Bangladesh. It truly did inspire a lot of new investors and youngsters in Chittagong at that time and NahidRains became an iconic figure for the youth in Chittagong. He was concentrating on Film Industry in Chittagong and realized there was not enough infra-structures in Chittagong to bloom this industry. At the same time, the entire Bangladeshi film industry was also broken. He found out there was not enough skilled people in this industry, specially in Chittagong, therefore, he decided to train / educate youngsters in this industry. He launched a free film & photography school in 2014 called NRP School of Film & Photography. It was more like a workshop rather a a fully fledged school and there was no particular tuition fees. If anyone could not afford to pay any fees, they could get the training in his school entirely for free. He trained people about Cinematography, Video Post Production, Basics of Film Making & Photography & Special Effects and created many batches of students that learned from him about this. Later, he was not very satisfied about the free school because he couldn’t teach many students at the same time for the lack of having a campus or big space for the school. Then in 2015 he launched an Online School for Film & Photography which was entirely free and open for everyone. This created a buzz not only in Chittagong (now known as Chottgram) but also in the entire country. A new generation of young film maker was born and YouTube became a thing in Bangladesh because this was the only way for all these young learners to show off their skills.

Political Activities

With the family background connected to Politics in Bangladesh, NahidRains has been a big fan of Bangladesh’s father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and he expresses his support for Bangladesh Awami League – a major political party in Bangladesh, very vocally. He has been one of the most influential personality for Bangladesh Awami League specially on the Online Platforms because of his huge follower base on various social networks. He is also a very influential figure to stop the propaganda of the Pro-Pakistani Political Parties in Bangladesh and successfully done a lot of online campaigns.

NahidRains publicly expressed his interest to become a politician in the late 2019 & currently is working on it. He definitely wants to join politics in the shadow of Bangladesh Awami League and his main concentration is his home town Chittagong. Although, it is not yet decided how he will work on it or what he wants to be in terms of Politics but that is definitely in the menu. Please check the “NahidRains & Politics” section on this website to find out more about his political visions.

TV & Media Appearances

NahidRains has been featured on many International Magazines & TV Shows multiple times for his works. In 2015 he was featured as cover story on Asia’s famous magazine Asia Image (Singapore) for his successful production works that really had very powerful impact on the society,. In 2016, NahidRains was featured as a Reviewer and Influencer on Blackmagic Design Inc official website – a leading Cinema Camera manufacturing company of the world. He was also featured on DJI (the leading Drone Maker of the planet) because of his Review work on their highest end drone products. NahidRains has been a reviewer for various camera companies to review Film Cameras and related products such as SONY, RODE, CANON, Blackmagic Design, DJI and many others that you can find on this YouTube Channels. In 2019, Taiwanese TV channel SET (HD) featured a documentary made on NahidRains and aired on their network throughout Taiwan, China, Singapore & Hong Kong.

Notable TV & Media Appearances

  1. ATN News Bangla – Young Knights – 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  2. SET (HD) – Documentary – 2019, Taiwan.
  3. Blackmagic Design – Feature Story – 2017, Singapore.
  4. Asia Image – Cover Story – 2017, Singapore.
  5. DJI – Featured Story – 2018 – Hong Kong.

Organizations & Ventures owned by NahidRains aka Nahid M Helal

  1. Rains Pictures. Established 2007-2008, Brisbane, Australia
  2. NahidRains Pictures Established 2008, Melbourne, Australia
  3. Bangladeshism Project, Established 2013, Chittagong, Bangladesh [Closed]
  4. i2D Communications, Established 2018, Singapore.
  5. NASH Media LLC, Dubai

NahidRains’s fight against Terrorism & Radicalism

NahidRains became very active in Politics since 2017 and he openly expressed his support for a major Bangladeshi political party – Awami League. Since then he has also been a great influencer for the party online & various social platforms. Following that, he has been a key player to initiate and execute a protest campaign against the Pro-Pakistani supporters / political parties in 2019-20 and it was a huge successful campaign in Bangladesh which eventually made a history. NahidRains started a Protest Campaign against some Islamic Scholars in January 2020. Though it may seem he did it all of a sudden but after digging all his videos and posts and everything that he has done for the following 6 weeks, I am sure, he planned it for many months. The Protest Campaign is against all the Islamic Scholars that are spreading wrong information or lying to people and also Anti Bangladesh or Pro-Pakistani people. But he started off in a very weird fashion. His first video went extremely viral within few hours where he just showed few Islamic Speakers saying a lot of lies to thousands of people. He basically poked all the most famous ones — the main bee hives in such a way that all these Islamic Speakers got very nervous. He shook them down within a day where they had confident of many years that no one can tell them anything. In the first video, NahidRains did not talk much, only showed and asked for answers for their lies. Everyone is aware about those lies but no one was asking questions since they are known as “holy” people. Then, he kept making one video after another targeting individual speakers in the same fashion but this time he kept his style. In all his videos, he very intelligently never mentioned anything about Quran, any verse, any quotes they said nothing. He only attacked the lies they says in their gatherings or attacked their way of approaching people while spreading Islam is extremely anti-islam. He showed everything as evidence and pointed the fingers where it shall be pointed. This made a lot of people angry but these speakers became shaky.

Because of this movement, he gained a lot of friends and also a lot of enemies and thus thousand of rumours speculating about him. A number of conspiracy theories and rumours have been circulating since the project was launched. Some notable ones are – “NahidRains is an Indian RAW agent backed up by Bangladesh Government”, “NahidRains is working for the Israeli Government to destroy the Religion Islam”, “NahidRains is a spy working with other countries” etc. Although, there is no evidence what so ever for all these conspiracy theories and rumours. According to many Social Activists, Online Influencers and many key personalities of Bangladesh Awami League, all these rumours and conspiracies are orchastrated by Jamat-Shibir, a Pro-Pakistani Alliance Political Party in Bangladesh, because NahidRains’s protest campaign against these has been a wild success and generating immense awareness among the ordinary people of Bangladesh.


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